Branding is an enormous piece of what sets businesses apart from one another.  I love partnering with creative small business owners to help them pull together cohesive, visual branding through my brand photography sessions. It is my goal to learn all about you, your brand, your dreams, and your goals to create gorgeous images that separate you from everyone else!

Work with me to discover your visual branding style! 

Let's tell your story visually. We can work together to find what you want your business to represent. Discovering your keystone ideals to build a more cohesive brand.  I will help guide you towards it with planning meetings and then a photography session of you in your work spaces.  

Why is Visual Branding important?

I believe in shooting all the photos for a website, all the branding , all the portraits, main product shots at the same time.

Keeping a specific and consistent aesthetic is very very important for that brand integrity. You want all the photos to feel uniform - You want it all to feel like meticulous attention to detail - that leads your potential clients to feel as though you are the authority and expert of that service or product. You don’t want a shot from three years ago and then a shot from next week when your hair or face and everything else looks completely different and you’re in the a different setting. You want all of the shots to be relevant. Consistency in aesthetic will carry the theme and branding.

Expath 2015-27-2.jpg

Show the experience you provide!

Do you provide a service versus a product? We can show that off too! With willing clients, I can photograph you providing the service to show off to potential other clients. We all enjoy having an idea of what type of experience we will be having...let's show them! 

Urban Orchard-31.jpg

Update your professional portraits! 

Perhaps you already have a well developed brand already. You still need an updated headshot! Let's get together and you tell me about your brand and let's find the appropriate location and background for your portrait that will build on your established branding!