Layla O'Mara - Visual Branding | Local Small Business

I have a passion for small businesses.  I am one of those people that would love to buy all of my material needs and services from local businesses.  Layla O'Mara and I connected to update her Visual Branding! These new sessions allow me the time to dig deep getting to know my clients. There's at least one meeting, if not two, where we discuss their needs, their styles, and their ideal clients. It allows me to find the style that will make their Visual Branding shine.

Layla is an acupuncturist with a strong skill set of healthy eating for fertility. She wants to show off her approach-ability, her style is natural and neutral with pops of cheerful colors. She also wants to show off acupuncture with less "scary" stock images of multiple needles everywhere...and that two or three needles only is a completely real situation.  I am excited to show off these photos, because I believe they speak directly to her audience.