Expath | Visual Branding

Expath is a fantastic company that makes it's mission to make Expat life in Berlin easier.  They offer German language courses, but sooo much more.  I have photographed this business three times now. The very first time was 5 years ago on a random trip to Germany. They had just open their doors then and now they have a new location in Mitte! 

We love our Visual Branding photos! Before shooting, Nina really helped us put into words what we needed out of the photos in terms of our image, message and style. She really listened to us, understood what we wanted to say, and gave us lots of practical tips on what would work best for our photos. Nina did every kind of shot - inside, outside, live workshops and classes, 1-on-1 meetings, staff portraits, our office space - and they all turned out great. In particular, we love her really informal and natural style - the shots didn't feel staged or too posed. Nina really shows Expath just how we want to be seen. We highly recommend her to help with your visual branding. 

-Tia Robinson, Managing Director of Expath