Joynes Kitchen | Visual Advertising Story

Joynes Kitchen | Modern French Cuisine in Berlin (Charlottenburg) | a place for truly special occasions...

Anthony & Lucia Joynes opened a beautiful restaurant, Joynes Kitchen, last year.  They are a husband and wife team of two running the whole show. Anthony is a world traveled/trained chef from Auckland, New Zealand and Lucia is a trained pâtissière that works the front of the house.  They wrote to me about their desire of some new advertising and social media content photographs. I suggested that we work together to create a Visual Branding campaign that showcased what makes Joynes Kitchen special.  We had meetings to discuss their advertising needs, ideal customers, and a bit further into their dreams for the restaurant. When I do these campaigns, I always push my clients by asking them to daydream about what they want to goals they want to achieve in the short term and long term. I want my Visual Branding campaigns to be about to get my clients closer to those goals and not just be filler content. 

They expressed a strong desire to be known for their fantastic modern French cuisine in a relaxed environment.  The biggest take away from our meetings was they want to be the best restaurant in Berlin to bring your family to for a high-end meal on a special occasion without the stress of high-end dining.  So therefore, our concept that we created together was to shoot special occasion with multigenerational guests. I went to work finding a "cast." I didn't want just any cast of models. I specifically searched out an actual family so that the interactions between the guests would be authentic. This Visual Advertising story will be used by Joynes Kitchen in various ways and they now have a full story they can tell or stock images for them to use. It was a joy to work with them and I hope you enjoy a view into the life of Joynes Kitchen.