Laframboise Family

There's a whole new world that opens up when you have children.  It's the "mommy" world, as I like to call it.  I met Kimberly in an Expat group that is specifically for parents.  

There is definitely an amazing mixture of people and children when you gather people from all over the globe in a major metropolitan city like Berlin. I have met lovely people from Australia, Argentina, United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain, and so many more countries all because of becoming an Expat.  The Laframboise Family is from Canada.  They have been so sweet to us and even recently brought be back treats & treasures from the U.S. from a visit over the summer!  Our babies play together and are growing up here in this magical we decided to do a family session where we could show off their typical Saturday afternoon.  They cuddled up for reading time, went on their favorite Berlin summer activity - Eis! (Ice Cream!), and visited their favorite little park. I absolutely love doing activities with families.  It allows for a relaxed photo session where we aren't focused on getting "the smile" and can capture real interactions.