Hallo from Berlin, Germany!  

Things have really changed in my life in the last year!  I became a MOM to a beautiful adorable sweet child that just turned 1 years old in August.  My new little family moved from the United States to Berlin, Germany in January 2015.  With these big changes, I've decided that I would like to change my focus of my photography away from weddings (I was almost exclusively photographing weddings for the last 8 years) to portraiture.  

I have been drawn to telling peoples' stories through photographs since the beginning.   I am hoping to explore deeper into storytelling with photographic essays and "Day in the Life" type shoots. The most exciting photography avenue that I hope to get more clients doing is travel sessions! I would love to have visitors to Berlin and Europe in general look to me to help them document their vacations/holidays.  I love the idea of professional portraits while wandering around a new city with family, friends or loved one. I really enjoy real moments + real experiences.  I will be whole-heartily looking into other photographers to document my family's traveling here in Europe so that we have beautiful images to go with our fun memories together. 

I am still going to be available for weddings here and there, but more directed towards destination wedding couples that are coming to Europe.  I feel as though I would like to be more selective on which weddings I photograph and really bond closer with the couples.  If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer in Europe that speaks English - please feel free to contact me! :)

All this to say...I am dedicated to blogging more often! This new website is blog based and I am hoping that will inspire me to actively & creatively express myself more. I will, of course, be filling these pages with client sessions, but also personal posts about travels my family goes on! 

Looking forward to growing in this new business direction and new country!