Gleissberg Family

Happy October!

This family is the perfect blend of USA & Germany.  Karen is from the US midwest and Thomas is from BERLIN! I know...amazing! It's hard to find a real Berliner.  I also met Karen at a baby group because our girls are almost the same age.  Little Miss L is just a few months older than our daughter.  Karen & I have bonded over coby jack cheese, baking and the DC Universe! 

This shoot was set up with a single nerd-iness goal. We wanted to be silly and do a bit of Batman cosplay dress up. (Scroll to the end of the post for just those fun photos.)  Typically, my photography hasn't featured my geeky side, but that's actually a strong component of my personality. I mean I am married to a video game designer. 

Karen is a stone cold Batman mega fan.  She even has a Batman tattoo! So we collaborated a bit and did a few silly photos, but we also made sure to get a   a few of their daily life that they could share with "Grandma & Grandpa." Little Miss L clearly loves her daddy & mommy and is a happy little batgirl.