Expath | Visual Branding

Expath is a fantastic company that makes it's mission to make Expat life in Berlin easier.  They offer German language courses, but sooo much more.  I have photographed this business three times now. The very first time was 5 years ago on a random trip to Germany. They had just open their doors then and now they have a new location in Mitte! 

We love our Visual Branding photos! Before shooting, Nina really helped us put into words what we needed out of the photos in terms of our image, message and style. She really listened to us, understood what we wanted to say, and gave us lots of practical tips on what would work best for our photos. Nina did every kind of shot - inside, outside, live workshops and classes, 1-on-1 meetings, staff portraits, our office space - and they all turned out great. In particular, we love her really informal and natural style - the shots didn't feel staged or too posed. Nina really shows Expath just how we want to be seen. We highly recommend her to help with your visual branding. 

-Tia Robinson, Managing Director of Expath

Kristin Tovson | Vinyasa Yoga

Visual Branding | Vinyasa Yoga with Kristin Tovson 

Kristin Tovson is starting out 2018 with a new website for her Yoga classes! Berlin has numerous English speaking Expats, so having found an fantastic English speaking Yoga teacher that well skilled and trained, accepting of all body shapes, and a genuine caring person...is like GOLD. I am pleased that she reached out to me for a Visual Branding session to set up her new website. It was fantastic two day shoot! I can't wait to see the new website. It brings me such joy to be able to provide a piece of the puzzle to Kristin entrepreneurial success!

Joynes Kitchen | Visual Advertising Story

Joynes Kitchen | Modern French Cuisine in Berlin (Charlottenburg) | a place for truly special occasions...

Anthony & Lucia Joynes opened a beautiful restaurant, Joynes Kitchen, last year.  They are a husband and wife team of two running the whole show. Anthony is a world traveled/trained chef from Auckland, New Zealand and Lucia is a trained pâtissière that works the front of the house.  They wrote to me about their desire of some new advertising and social media content photographs. I suggested that we work together to create a Visual Branding campaign that showcased what makes Joynes Kitchen special.  We had meetings to discuss their advertising needs, ideal customers, and a bit further into their dreams for the restaurant. When I do these campaigns, I always push my clients by asking them to daydream about what they want to goals they want to achieve in the short term and long term. I want my Visual Branding campaigns to be about to get my clients closer to those goals and not just be filler content. 

They expressed a strong desire to be known for their fantastic modern French cuisine in a relaxed environment.  The biggest take away from our meetings was they want to be the best restaurant in Berlin to bring your family to for a high-end meal on a special occasion without the stress of high-end dining.  So therefore, our concept that we created together was to shoot special occasion with multigenerational guests. I went to work finding a "cast." I didn't want just any cast of models. I specifically searched out an actual family so that the interactions between the guests would be authentic. This Visual Advertising story will be used by Joynes Kitchen in various ways and they now have a full story they can tell or stock images for them to use. It was a joy to work with them and I hope you enjoy a view into the life of Joynes Kitchen. 

Sofia Turned One! | Family Session

I don't do event photography very often. It's just not my "jam" to photograph corporate parties. However, this family are basically my neighbors and they approached me to do photos for their daughter's first birthday with a great hook. They said, "We want to see how Sofia sees her party. Follow her, document what she experiences." Um, yes! I'll definitely do that. It was a joy of an afternoon. Here's only a fraction of the photos they received. I was a bit snap happy, but there was so much love and exploration for this 1 year old.

With love,

In Front of the Camera | Journal Entry

Oh lordy. I had my own portrait done last week by Natalia Smirnova. I was beyond awkward for me. I have all the same issues most of us have with having our photo taken. Isn't amazing that I have all these tips for my clients, but they just *DISAPPEAR* from my head suddenly when I'm on the other side of the camera!

In the beginning, my mind was racing with "should I smile?, should I look there?, how's my hair, should I lean in, should I look away, should I dance on my toes?"  Then I stopped...took a break (changed shirts) and thought about what I would do on the other side of the camera. I TALK. I talk the whole time to my clients. We talk about all kinds of random things that have nothing to do with the photo session. We talk about their children, the current video games they are playing, their favorite tv shows, their travel plans, etc. Talking is KEY to my ability to get my clients to relax.  So when I changed shirts - I took a deep breath and decided that I would just talk to Natalia and smile in between the fun things we chatted about.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we are getting our portraits taken. It's NOT surgery. It's not dangerous to simply take a bad photo that gets deleted later by the photographer. And honestly, if I as the photographer liked a photo of you and you actually don't like something about it and choose not to show it off...you will NOT hurt my feelings whatsoever. We all have opinions about ourselves. Put forth the ones you like best.

I sincerely wish for my clients to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera. I do my very best to only show photographs of you where your personality and joy shines outwardly.

With love,


Serfass Family

By photographing my own child I've learned so much. I've learned different developmental milestone ages well...but this particular session was such a joy, because Linus is just a few months younger than my daughter. It's particularly fun to photograph this bouncy, silly, playful age. The Serfass family are very close knit and have a sincere love for each other that is easily photographed. Raisins, Laps around the house, Trampoline fun, Cuddles, Flips and Kangaroo Jumps...

Annika-Nora Serfass | Visual Branding

How do you visually tell the story of a business consultant? Well, you work hard to know the person and show off them as the brand! Their knowledge and skills are what they sell to help others. Annika is a brilliant multi-talented business consultant. She is a published author within her field, conducts business in multiple languages, has done a TEDx talk, and is also a Mom of awesome two year old. (Family session...soon!) 

Me. Us. The Harwicks.

Do you have photos of your parent(s) that you love and cherish? Is it just like one photo? In this technological age - you can leave your children with more that just one or two photos. You can leave them with a visual record of your time together. Be in the photos. Take photos. Back up your photos. Print your photos.

I don't like being in front of a camera. I prefer being behind it like most photographers. However, I can't imagine not being present in family photos in years to come. I want my daughter to see me visually present with her and her mommy...Us. The Harwicks.

Here's few cute photos by Allie Beardsley

Kita Mural | little art Berlin

My daughter attends a creative Kita (daycare) that recently decided to do a project to create a Mural for their garden wall. little art Berlin donated their time to help plan the project! The wonderful owner of little art Berlin, Harriet came to the Kita each day for a week and blended up beautiful colors for the children to paint with and discussed different pattern and techniques the children could do for their portion.  The pedagogical concept of the Kita is Reggio Emilia. It is student-centered approach that utilizes self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments -- which is essentially all child-led...so the children were the artist and the parents/teachers were merely assistants.

If you are interested in art classes, parties or PopUp Mobile Art events for your child or business, check out little art Berlin's new Moblie Art Labs

I donated a bit of my time to document the process for them. Here's a few fun colorful photos that I can share.