Serfass Family

By photographing my own child I've learned so much. I've learned different developmental milestone ages well...but this particular session was such a joy, because Linus is just a few months younger than my daughter. It's particularly fun to photograph this bouncy, silly, playful age. The Serfass family are very close knit and have a sincere love for each other that is easily photographed. Raisins, Laps around the house, Trampoline fun, Cuddles, Flips and Kangaroo Jumps...

Annika-Nora Serfass | Visual Branding

How do you visually tell the story of a business consultant? Well, you work hard to know the person and show off them as the brand! Their knowledge and skills are what they sell to help others. Annika is a brilliant multi-talented business consultant. She is a published author within her field, conducts business in multiple languages, has done a TEDx talk, and is also a Mom of awesome two year old. (Family session...soon!) 

Me. Us. The Harwicks.

Do you have photos of your parent(s) that you love and cherish? Is it just like one photo? In this technological age - you can leave your children with more that just one or two photos. You can leave them with a visual record of your time together. Be in the photos. Take photos. Back up your photos. Print your photos.

I don't like being in front of a camera. I prefer being behind it like most photographers. However, I can't imagine not being present in family photos in years to come. I want my daughter to see me visually present with her and her mommy...Us. The Harwicks.

Here's few cute photos by Allie Beardsley

Kita Mural | little art Berlin

My daughter attends a creative Kita (daycare) that recently decided to do a project to create a Mural for their garden wall. little art Berlin donated their time to help plan the project! The wonderful owner of little art Berlin, Harriet came to the Kita each day for a week and blended up beautiful colors for the children to paint with and discussed different pattern and techniques the children could do for their portion.  The pedagogical concept of the Kita is Reggio Emilia. It is student-centered approach that utilizes self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments -- which is essentially all the children were the artist and the parents/teachers were merely assistants.

If you are interested in art classes, parties or PopUp Mobile Art events for your child or business, check out little art Berlin's new Moblie Art Labs

I donated a bit of my time to document the process for them. Here's a few fun colorful photos that I can share.

An hour in Amsterdam

I had the misfortune of having a flight cancelled and rebooked for the next morning in Amsterdam. So here with an unplanned layover, I made the best of bad luck and quickly headed into the Central Station.  I had just about an hour to catch the last fleeting hints of a Spring sunset and wander around a city I'd love to explore more.

Now, when should I go back for a proper trip? Soon...soon I hope. :)


Professional Portraits | Work Happy Mums | MumsLikeUs

I've started a new collaboration! I love to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and businesses in general. I strongly believe that if we work together we will all rise. 

In support of this idea, I am offering special pricing to this awesome group of ladies that are members of the Berlin MumsLikeUs a social group of Work Happy Moms.  Their mission "is to build a better future for working mothers and the companies and businesses they work for."

I have had a great time photographing the first few portraits of these wonderful working Moms! More to come later this month and in May!

If you are part of this group and would like to sign up for April 28th, 29th or 30th - I can't wait to chat with you.

Layla O'Mara - Visual Branding | Local Small Business

I have a passion for small businesses.  I am one of those people that would love to buy all of my material needs and services from local businesses.  Layla O'Mara and I connected to update her Visual Branding! These new sessions allow me the time to dig deep getting to know my clients. There's at least one meeting, if not two, where we discuss their needs, their styles, and their ideal clients. It allows me to find the style that will make their Visual Branding shine.

Layla is an acupuncturist with a strong skill set of healthy eating for fertility. She wants to show off her approach-ability, her style is natural and neutral with pops of cheerful colors. She also wants to show off acupuncture with less "scary" stock images of multiple needles everywhere...and that two or three needles only is a completely real situation.  I am excited to show off these photos, because I believe they speak directly to her audience.




I went on a quick holiday to Madrid & Toledo to visit with friends. I thought I'd share a few snapshots with you all.  Traveling around Europe has been the most important and amazing part of living abroad.  I throughly enjoy learning about historical places and learning about current cultures.  We ate more churros and chocolate than we probably should have, but the best idea we had was to go see a simply wonderful traditional flamenco show at Cafe de Chinitas.  

Laura Lloyd - Visual Branding | Local Small Business

I met this beautiful soul a year ago. She's a eating psychology coach. She helps guide people to a healthier relationship with the food that fuels our lives. 

She recently let me photograph her for some additonal Visual Branding for her new website update.  We had planning sessions where we discussed what she really wanted to portray visually about her business and herself.  I think we achieved it! Her main goals where to show off her approachability as a "real person", her quirky humour, her illustration work, and her love of coral/hot pink! 

A Weekend Morning.

This sweet family wanted to do a "Day in the Life" to represent their slow weekend mornings. These documentary sessions are honestly so much fun. It's fantastic to be able to capture your family in a moment in time with all it's complexities and joys.  They capture your regular routines.  Your family, in your everyday life, is adorably magical.  The interactions of siblings, the way you look at your child with overwhelming pride and sweetness, reading the same book 4000 times, chasing after your toddler with clothing, cuddling on the couch...