Nina Harwick | Photographer

I am a mother, wife and lover of the small things in life.  I am an expat, an explorer and a wanderer.  I enjoy soaking up the sun on the beach and listening to the ocean at night. I equally enjoy wandering the streets of a bustling city and stumbling upon a secret urban oasis.  I strive to live a life surrounded by creativity and actively seek it out. I'm a quiet person, but that is because I'm observing the world and people around me with sincerity and interest. 

Photography for me is like an extension of my heart. With my photography I want to capture intimate moments that warms the hearts of others and tells the authentic story of your life.  My "style" of photographing is typically in the form of a storyteller. I believe that the natural little moments between people are some of the most artful.  A typical portrait photo shoot will be arranged around an activity.  I believe that when you are interacting with your family or your loved one you relax more, you smile more, you giggle more...you let your guard down. No fake smiles. I always do a few poised portraits to round out a session - for gifting to the grandparents! 

Also, I promote equality and the LGBTQ community. Therefore, I look forward to photography sessions with all types of couples and families!